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At Isenring, our qualified electricians sell variable speed drives, soft starters and overload relays. We will listen to your requirements and make sure you receive the right product for the job.


The WEG CFW-11 Series of Variable Speed Drives incorporate the world's most advanced technology in drives for three-phase AC induction motors.

The Vectrue Technology™ represents a significant advancement, allowing this new generation of WEG inverters to combine V/F, Sensorless Vector and Closed Loop Vector (with encoder) control techniques, all in one product.

WEG's patented Optimal Flux ® technology can be utilised when combining a WEG W22 motor with a WEG CFW 11 VSD. This is possible because WEG have pre-loaded the design characteristics into their VSD. The Optimal Flux ® control algorithm increases motor flux at low speeds, thereby allowing the same torque to be developed with lower current. The results are optimal motor flux at low speeds to produce full torque while minimising motor losses.
Variable Speed - motor in Drive Gladstone, QLD
Soft Starter - motor in Drive Gladstone, QLD


WEG Soft-Starters, microprocessor based and totally digital, are products with state-of-the-art technology and are produced to ensure the highest performance in the starting and stopping of induction motors, presenting themselves as a complete, low-cost solution.

The man-machine interface permits easy parameter adjustment, making easier start-up and operation. The incorporated "Pump Control" feature avoids pipeline water hammer.
Contractors - motor in Drive Gladstone, QLD


To control and protect electric motors up to 11 kW, there are CW07 and CWC Miniature Contactors. CWM Contactors can protect up to 440 kW motors. We also sell RW_D Thermal overload relays and compatible accessories for added protection.
Enclosed - motor in Drive Gladstone, QLD


Enclosed D.O.L. Starters (contactor and thermal Overload relay assembled in the thermoplastic enclosure with IP65 degree of protection) are WEG solutions to switch and protect motors up to 18.5 kW.

Enclosed Star-Delta Starters are a basic starting method to reduce starting current and are available up to 75kW.
Buttons - motor in Drive Gladstone, QLD


We have a range of push buttons, switches and lights available to suit most needs.
Electronic Relays - motor in Drive Gladstone, QLD


We stock relays and timers including Star-Delta and on-delay timers as well as phase loss, phase sequence and PTC Protection relays.